Saturday, January 14, 2006

Dumb Cunt

The Dumb Cunt That Drives an Hour and Half Each Way to work told me he was listening to public radio on the way in the other morning. Polar bears, they've discovered, dead ones at that, are filled with fire retardant. Implying that there was some sort of connection. Between FR and dead polar bears.

Fucking communist.

FR. Same shit we breathe in on a regular basis down at the plant so your computer doesn't go shazzam when the fucking internals overheat and the screen melts.

He had some notion that the fire retardant had entered the food chain. Like the bears are eating plastics workers. Or plastic fish. Or plastic at the dump. What do they call it? Seepage? Leakage? Leaching?

Fuck, who cares.

You die of cancer or whatever. It's not like anybody's offering up immortality.

You don't think if they would if they could. Get people fucking working forever.

That's only reason the company wants you to retire. So you're not puking up your lungs on their site. That and because you've just gone too fucking stupid in the head.

So the Dumb Cunt's all worried about cancer meanwhile he drives home mornings an hour and half after a twelve hour night shift. That, and he listens to public radio.

Not sure if you're stupid coming into the place or the place heightens your stupidity.