Saturday, January 14, 2006


Give you an idea of how tired you get after a week of work.

First off, we worked six shifts in seven days. Three twelve hour nights, a day off, and then three days.

By the end of yesterday you're just hangin'.

It's not your body. That's tired. It's your brain.

There was an article on the internet the other day about how sleep deprived people are about as functionally capable as drunks.

I've been drunk and sleep deprived and you'd rather have me on the road with a load of beer in my gut than face me coming head on after night two of three.

What cracks me up about that is they could have come to me and I could have told them that. The people that run the internet And everybody is all over it. Makes me bitter.

I could have told you that, you dumb fucks.

You didn't know?

That's why I started writing this shit. Get it out there. Make it available.

It's plain to me that the people of this world are plain fucking stupid and that I could fucking act as a kind of maven or opinion leader somehow.

You wake up tired and you're woozy.

What, you didn't fucking realize that? Just come to me, I'll straighten you out. I'm out there on the edge it seems. Leading the way. Follow me into the darkness, o ye of little gray matter.

Where was I?

Oh yeah. An example.

I just went to have a sip of coffee from my mug. I brought the coffee to my lips and it all just poured down my front and all over the keyboard and my shirt and shit.

I'm pretty sure the mug was to my lips, that my mouth was open.

When it all spilt, I thought for sure there was maybe a crack or a hole in the mug. Nope.

That's what life is, a series of dumb fuck illusions. I guess. You gotta think that way elsewise you go insane.

You see people with shit spilt down their tops're probably working shifts.