Saturday, January 14, 2006

What's with the Dutch?

Everybody is prejudiced.

In your heart, deep down, there's some group of people you hate.

With some it's blacks, some it's jews, some it's chinese, some it's arabs, and with most everybody on the planet it's americans.

I hate the dutch.

I'm not just too sure what that's all about. But if I'm honest and I look deep in my heart i gotta figure I hate the dutch. Hell, I don't even gotta look too deep. It's on the surface.

The Dutch.

And engineers.

Not sure what's up with that either.

So our plant is run by a dutch engineer, owned by a dutch mutilnational, Royal Dutch Plastics.

My heart is filled with hate.

36 hours a week.

Double hate on Sunday overtime.

Just so I'm upfront about it.

Everybody else I work I'm fine with.

I don't hate them for what they are. I just hate them as individuals.