Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Fuck Me. Again

I mean really. I'm fucked. Fucking guys at the plant. That run the show. Basically, in a nut, they're making us come in on our days off for fucking Nip based action workouts. Fucking kaizens. Attendance is mandatory. On your day off. And like they're doing you a favor they're offering up a free meal. Bowl of rice. And the fuck is that half the fucks are are buying into it. Fuck me.

Dick In Charge thinks we should care about our jobs. Says yesterday that we should fucking care enough to come in on our days off to work on things we can't otherwise when they is burning us out regular hours.

Caring is mandatory. How fucked is Dick in Charge to think that we care in the first place? Well of course he knows we don't care. That's why attendance on our day off is mandatory.

Fuck me. Used to be you could go to work to get the fuck away from things, like your fucking wife and screaming fighting kids - tie yourself up with some real problems that need solving and shit, get some shit done without being interrupted, just get on with it, without having to prove all the time that you fucking care, that you're fucking engaged, that you're fucking involved.

It's not that I don't care. It's just I'm fucking all whacked out from pretending to care. I really just don't fucking care anymore about caring, looking like I do, or otherfuckingwise.

Fuck me.