Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Changes are afoot

Change is as good as a rest. Someone sometime somewhere sad that. It's been one of the guiding principles in my life. That and you've only had eight beers it's okay to get behind the wheel.

I put it for a new job down at the plant. New to me. It's seen as the primo cushy job there by those that don't know.

Working the color table. Making the call on what's good and bad and making the adjustments.

I got the gig.

Odd part is I'm almost completely colorblind. We'll see how long I last. The last two guys to hold the position didn't last. Mysterious circumstances there on both. One may or may not have been a suicide. The other guy just walked out the door one night and never came back. Never went home either.

Thing is...they just saw way too much. When you get into that world, get into the color of things...you just may never come back.