Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Crop rotation

The Irish have to be amongst some of the dumbest people on the planet. Along with negroes, women, and the poor. And we have one down at the plant. A real one not like the faux fenians going with handles like O'Really and McDoodle whose forefolk left the emerald shit bog in the late eighteen hunderds cause they couldn't wrap their malt sodden imaginations around the complexities of an idea as simple as crop rotation.

Mick loves his mother, too.

Fortunately for me he brings his tea and spuds and occupies another lunchroom, working in another part of the plant where inattention to detail and monotasking are prereqs of the position and we only cross paths in the locker room where his inanities are generally ridiculed if not just completely ignored.

Mick got a lousy job review the other week and was complaining. Seems he was told he needed to be more selfish. Seems he's been spreading himself a little thin, helping out others when they're having a bad day. He sees this as part of human nature, being part of a team.

Like I said he just doesn't get it. Now he's all mad and offbalance and without even realizing it will sink himself further into the job. An angry worker is a productive worker. Add to that low self esteem and a need to please and you have employee of the month. GDP is a measure of the national level of of a people's compliance.

They may pretend to want team players, may say they want cooperation. But they don't. They really want a group of people that hate each other, fend for themselves, trust no one, and understand that they are daily in competition with their coworkers, creating an atmosphere of mistrust and blame-shifting where lies trump facts, obedience truth, and the subsequeous rule the day and get the prime shower times.

I'm just surprised that the company laid it out for him so honestly, so straight ahead. Maybe they themselves know he's that fucking stupid that the literal truth is necessary. Or maybe they're up to a new level of evil that I haven't sniffed out yet.

When I get called in and am given a stellar review I'll know something is up. Actually come to think of it my last review was stellar. And they held back my raise.

You just don't know with these people. And that's the real killer. Doubt.

But what other option is there? For me it's either the underworld or my current counter reality.

These are head spinning times, man. We're all Irish now. Time to think about crop rotation.