Saturday, December 30, 2006

Friends, yeah right.

It's maybe making sense now. The phone has been ringing all day. People wanting to know.

The rumor has been flying around.

We dodged the christmas shutdown, thought we were through the layoff time.

But word is out.

They're closing the plant over the holiday, new years. Everybody is talking. It's big. Walmart is abuzz.

Thing is I'm in tonight. I got the keys to the place. I'm shuttin' er down for the new years break. I could be shuttin' 'er down for good, permanent. Truth, I'd look forward to that.

People were calling asking like I had some conduit to the company. Fuck man, I just have these visions, lay off me. Fucking union mentality that. We're all in it together. No we're not. We're all in it alone.

I have the keys to the place. Typical. I'm not even the captain.

The place does not run without me. Me, prideful. DDMIV

See, the plastic has worked its way into me.

I'm dead on top of dead on top of dead.