Thursday, December 28, 2006

Outside The Box Buried In The Permafuck

The continental shift breeds mental defectives and the emotionally skinned. Evidence. The family meal tonight. Everyone at table wanted to know what my big fucking idea fucking plan fucking notion and or fucking vision was for the plant after all my fucking whining as they see it.

I fucking exploded.

Find out what they want and get it to them with no fuckups when they want for the price you say.

It can't get any simpler than that.

But I screamed it. Shouted it. The hours of sleepless nights compounding out the goods the stuff the shit. The plastic living in your veins. AND SO nobody heard nothing in the metalism but the sheer drained fucking whacked and fucked over will of me. Never heard shit about the shit.

Never heard what I was saying. Look at you funny when they do anyway - when you make sense - so, what the fuck?

You know, like, the core is now outside the box buried in the permafuck.

I mean, fuck me.

You know?

Fuck. Me, really.