Monday, December 25, 2006

Plastic lives

The thing is, plastic lives. Somehow the people in charge of misinformation - whoever they are - I can't name names but I know they're out there - you know, THEM have got the world thinking that plastic is an inanimate object. Plastic is laying dormant. It's a fact. If the average temperature of the world goes up four degrees all the plastic in the world will begin to melt. A guy at work told me that. And I believe him. Why shouldn't I? If you have to believe in something why not believe in something that you can at least turn to your advantage. All the other shit that's fed at ya. Fuck me. I mean, really.

Who fucking knows? Right.

Well, I know.

If all the plastic in the world melts, all I know is they'll need more and better plastic. I've got a job.

And that's on the minds of everybody down at the plant. I mean we know it's coming. The change. Management has for years threatened us with the change or die scenario - Compete! Fuck You , - now they're not talking cause they know change is imminent and they is the ones that is about to have change thrust down their throats.

See the plastic isn't going to melt. It's going to shiftshape.

Plastic has its own intelligence. And it will soon be surpassing us. Not sure which way each of us is going - plastic and humanity - but I can see the merger just ahead. We do not yet know their purpose, Plastics. Assuming we will even have the nut to comprehend, then, when the what. Youse know. Or you will.

Or not. Beyond help. There now.

Fuck me.

We are all fucked. But you probably more than me.

I'll be okay. I'm loaded for bear.