Sunday, December 24, 2006

So where have I been?

Hey, it's Christmas$. I've been busy.

Today, me Shawnelle and the kids went to visit my parents. They're fucking bizarre. Always have been, always will be.

Later, we got hammered. Spanish coffees, wine, beer - pot. We were over at 'friends' - ostensibly picking up an O - when M. in the cabana had a spazmo and his hip went out and I had to put it back in.

One of the dogs has arthritis. He's eating shark cartilege. Makes him puke. Running is bad for him, but still he loves to run. The pain - at what level does another being understand pain - I mean, it's pretty fucking obvious - an individual, a culture, a fucking society - pain looks the same.

There are different colors of pain. See, when you see that. Pain in all its splendid color, you are grateful. Some pain is blue. Mine is black.

Like oil. Which is the basis of plastic.

See, when you start seeing the world like this, you are fucked.

Every gain has its pain. My life is black.

You get used to it.

And it's not half bad.