Thursday, December 28, 2006


I saw him coming. Al-Jean. Half newf half frog. Big pit bull head on the body of a chihuahua. Haven't really talked to him since I lost his travel brochures for sex havens within a days drive kinda shit I didn't ask for them he just gave them to me - Al-Jean is a dirtbag. Low down, mean, explosive. Near now five times he's been fired for almost threatening some fucktard or other. Just stand and get in their way with his arms crossed challenging any fucker he likes the bigger the better his rep hard won during some long ago bar fights some of which went on two days.

One that didn't last long: A guy came up behind Al-Jean's fiance Stephora - a real beauty too, over six foot him no more than five four A Greek-Swede. Big hairy blonde forearms.- grabbed her, kissed and hugged her.

Al-Jean didn't wait. Less than fifteen seconds later Buddy was simply waiting on the floor for an ambulance to return to consciousness only some four months later. Of course it was Stephora's brother. She killed herself around the time they split up. Al-Jean goes round telling everybody how devastating that was for him.

So, see I avoid him when I can. And I can't tell if he still holding a grudge, Don't much give a fuck either. He's an asshole.

What the fuck was that all about congratulating Dick in Charge after his morning shit?

Part of a plan.

Unless your plan is in part or all about getting dick in charge the fuck out I don't want to know about it. He's fucked. We're fucked. You better know that.

Well of course I know it you little dipshit.

Walking on, if we get wind you're kissing ass we'll kick yours. You will owe us that.

I'm not alone. Which scares me. I hate people. Generally and specifically.

Am I supposed to care? Just because we are all so fucked over I mean fuck, that's our commonality? Fuck that shit.

People give me shit. I take what I want. People looking for a return are lost.

I mean where do they get these ideas?