Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Think of the children

When Shawnelle left me on the weekend, she never took the kids. I just realized that now when I found that all my beers have been drunk and my smokes smoked. I just assumed they would go with her. Wherever she's gone. The boy's been downstairs watching TV for four days. Where the girl is I've no clue, but there's a note in her room asking me to pick up some condoms for her at the drug store. Fuck me. She's thirteen. You think she'd know better. Hasn't she heard of the pill?

Fuck me. I've never even spoken to my kids really on any level other than to say shut the fuck up and now I'm gonna have to...what? What does a parent do?

I'm fucked.

UPDATE: I just called Children's Aid to see if they would take them off my hands. Seems it doesn't work that way. There has to be some signs of neglect or abuse. Just a matter of time, then.