Thursday, December 28, 2006

Timeout for talking

Dick in Charge took a timeout to talk to us. Not sure if it's a tactic or a hole in his personality, but the shit he spews, his perception and picture of things as they is, is fucked. Eleven key business elements based on flawed measurement and gooseshit visuables all contradictory and selfnegatory - I mean fuck.

Best would be if he's fucked. Just toss him. But if the Shit He Spews is working its way up the chain or is conversively working its way down the chain, that's the end of times for all of us and we may as well pack it all fucking in right fucking now and just begin fucking all the time which is kinda where I'm headed I'll tell you that.

He called us in for a timeout - lines down important shit look at me I'm the dancing fucking monkey man - at 7 am our last night in.

Torture is there just to keep you off balance as much as anything, give you a glimpse of their darkness. Animals of the forest shit, nothing more. This talk was an inveighing. shifting weight and work. Food Though. Feed Machine. Machine Like Work. Be Machine. Whatever.

Cause when you listen as I did, you realize they are scrambling, but not in a good way, like hamsters frying on a teflon treadmill, or at least Dick Van Dork is.

I like Dick don't get me wrong, I'm not. He is. Wrong. Wrong man wrong spot wrong time wrong wrong wrong.

There's three ways to consider the puke he horked at us:

Not at all. Like most. Let the colors and sounds lull you into a wakeful sleep. Tune out. Like it's your mother going on again.

Be attentive, yet confused, yet sure. Respect the Word of the Man because He is the Man and Its His Word. He has a position and a speech inpediment in that there is no impediment or constraint on his talking gums a flapping automatadata. It's the new way to get on in the world. Just open up your mouth and go. On and on. Up and up.

Or be right on the edge of your seat taking it in by looking at it all sideways. I always take my seat to the side. They don't like that. Any of them. Front row, back row. Preferred. Cheap seats. Seat selection by highschool personality grow ya dumb ass fucks.

Basically, when you take it in and let it swirl around the entirety of your being you come to know that there is on the horizon new levels of control, new tools of measurement, a new rigidity in thinking and foresight and for the most part this is exactly what's not needed.

I know what we need.

Not a second before eight o'clock. Dick wraps and asks, 'Any Questions?'

I says. "Dick, thank you for that. Going forward, this morning, each of us I'm sure will be reflecting on your words and bar graphs as we drift off to sleep, hopefully not . Next week Next Year. Your plan speaks to us, - I think I can say on behalf of at least some of us, if not most, too overwhelmed perhaps by the freshness of it all - us: what we need to do. It's clear. Thank You, Dick. Nice job."

Some stares, handshakes, happy new years, and bodies hurtling toward the gate at speeds unseen during the prior twelve hour shift.

I walked out kinda sad and slow. I can smell the end.

We're fucked.