Friday, December 08, 2006

Turn on

Let's get one thing straight. I don't give a fuck about anybody else. And neither does anybody else. Give a fuck. About anybody else. Especially those cocksuckers that claim they do. They is the worst. Like fucking union guys. Out for them fucking selves

Besides that, Dick In Charge brought around the new head of HR. Middle aged broad. Degrees hanging off her like earrings. Perfumed so that it overtook the the smell of vent oil. I knew by the way she looked at me. By the way she offered her hand all extended like. By the way she smiled at me. Batted her eyeballs. By the way she said she knew all about me. She wants it in the ass. That or I'm fucked and out the door.

There's something in the air. Personably, I think she's there to clean house. The oldtimers talk about it. The purges. The way they bring in some cunt who's got no compassion. All head counts and redundancies. Gotta play my cards right here. Only the strong survive. Like I said, I only care about myself. You go to.

Maybe she likes head. I do. Maybe I gotta give a little.

Give her some names. Union organizers. Heads on a stick. Tongue to her.

Fuck she turns me on.