Thursday, December 28, 2006

Voices in the morning

I came home from work this morning beat. Had a beer. Looked at some pussy on the net and then crawled in beside Shawnelle. She was naked as ever. I lay there with no energy to start anything. She rolled over and began giving me a tug and sticking her tongue in my ear smuttalking about how I'd like to fuck her little sister with her big fat boobs and big round fat ass and the like slipping from the erotolingua to some warped persona appropriation shit, Shawnelle is offering the real deal here, telestrating in Loubeena's voice and whispering all sorts of intimacies, little butt Shawnelle gets her little titties fucked by others why not you and why not me you know wally I've never had an orgasm with a man that bitch Shawnelle told you that I know that even though I asked her not to wally and she's told me about you and her and what you could do with your tongue on my big fat wide dark pussy -

Well I tripped into this heady space of ecstasy and exhaustion and emotional release. Not sure who said what I was hearing, but I heard it.