Friday, December 29, 2006

We used to fight

A lot. Now we don't.

We used to get into donnybrooks over the least thing. Like marble bread.

Shawnelle one night packed me marble bread sandwiches. I like normal bread, nothing fancy. Like my coffee, normal. And my beer. Normal.

The marble bread sent me. We had a screaming match later that week that escalated into a battle royale followed by the redemptive full on fuckout. That was the night Rothgar was conceived.

We'll be grocery shopping and Shawnelle will tease me with a loaf of marble bread and I just want to smash her in the face and then she slips me the tongue right there in the bun section and I melt all to hell.

It's not just her pussy, man. It's the whole fucking package makes me fucking nuts.