Saturday, January 13, 2007

Check your dick at the door

I went down on Loubeena for six hours. By the end Jizette had mounted the camera and was stroking her hair like she was giving birth.

She came at 1:23 AM.

We caught the orgasm, recorded it.

It's a beautiful fucking thing.

Why is it wrong to fuck your sister-in-law? It just is. That's why I didn't fuck her. Just went down on her. Til she came.

You should see it.

You won't see much of Loubeena's pussy. But it's stunning. Take my word. Not what I expected at all. Trim, wet, layered, with a clit that responded to my tung angling right off. Lipnibbling. She liked the humming, too. Sousa. I played her like a tuba. I never played tuba. Once. Played it like it was a vagina. Fucking is my music.

The moan Loubeena gives when she finally comes is outstanding. Twenty five minutes of the loveliest sound on the planet. A legitimate moan. Authentic. Tapped into Robert Fucking Plant. More, they should play a loop of it at the mall. More men would be there more .

And don't get me wrong, I definitely could fuck Loubeena. Will. Easily. Fucking cans are magnificent. A+ in a C cup. But not without Shawnelle being there.

Jizette blew me a couple of times during the tunging which kept my dick and its will to appropriate the experience in check.

You can't always keep your dick in your pants. Next best thing is a strange woman's mouth. Works for me.