Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Horn Bending Shit

Holy Fuck.

The video we shot at Coco's or whatever the fuck her name was, the scenarist, it's on the net. I've had eight calls over the last eighteen hours. The first one was Al-Jean, that fucking lascivious fucked over bag of geriatric seed, the shit, no doubt he'd see it, page view one.

Didn't know Coco was going to show me and Shawnelle to the world. Shawnelle seemed disturbed, subdued, and, perhaps, wet. She looked around last night for three hours and couldn't find it. We're not number One on YouTube or nothing but it's pretty horn bending shit, if you see it.

I can't find the site. Al-Jean, the forthcoming little prick said I should be able to find it easy enough. Pornhound. Eyeing my wife. Darknet dwarf.

Plus work called. I didn't talk to them. They didn't leave a message.


I haven't even had a coffee.

UPDATE: Yeah, right, okay Bellla. And if you see the site let me know.