Thursday, January 11, 2007

If Shawnelle knew

It made me sick to my stomach. It was Al-Jean that was killed by the Proper Authorities. They shot him before he knew what the fuck was going on. He went down and he killed the other two dudes with six ihots from his .22. Reloaded with a fatal wound, they say.

There was a four hour cleanup after forensics did their thing.

Al-Jean's body was flown somewhere in a metal container via military helicopter.

Ten minutes after his last breath Al-Jean turned to plastic.

Cremation, at this point, is not an option.

I took tonight off.

Shawnelle doesn't know. Never reads my blog.

I'm going over to Loubeena's. She wants me to fuck her. Without her controlling sister around.

I'll pack my lunch like I'm off to work. Shave. Normal shit.

Then head off to Loubeena's. Fuck me, I mean i do not mind telling you I'm nervous, fucked up. Jizelle is coming by to tape us.

I mean fuck me, it's wrong. But I'm gonna do it.