Thursday, January 04, 2007

Loubeena called

It's what we are up against.

Not lack of time. Lack of desire.

Shawnelle and me tried to hook up for a foursome last night but shit was happening. Like calls and knocks on the door. Not for a lack of desire on either of our parts.

Between, I tried to convince Shawnelle that we needed our own web domain and members only site. And I still couldn't convince her that the offer form the feds was a come on. A bunch of cop pervs. They are there. Extra padding in the budget. You show them up at their jobs. You like to fuck. They like to watch.

There is no job.

You are an entrepreneur.

Dead end.

She sees her powers whether physical - the fucking - or extramental - as in the timeshifting and space alignment, the telemetry, reading a murder scene - as Done in the Service of Good.

Shawnelle is a good person. She wouldn't gang bang some of the feds just to have shit on them. I threw that out, I have to admit as a bit of a test. That's over the line for me. She barely acknowledged the idea.

I asked her about Loubeena. How was Loubeena? Have you talked to Loubeena. It's been months. She was away over Christmas. With a new guy.

Yes, she was away. By herself. At a retreat. She says she lost forty-five pounds.

She's coming over for tea.

Loubeena with forty-five pounds off. She wasn't that big. Fuck, I hope she didn't lose her tits.

UPDATE: Loubeena stopped by real quick this morning. For tea. At five-thirty. Tea? Tea.

She just left. She barely got her coat off. I barely got rid of my morning stiffy poking out of my pyjama bottoms. On her way to the City. To her Job. At a Hospital.

Not sure what Loubeena does there but she does like to fuck the doctors. And their wives, we think. Great friend to the womens auxillary.

Couldn't make out her tits fully. Shawnelle thought she looked great.