Monday, January 08, 2007

Loubeena, Loubeena

Loubeena, Loubeena. Like a song.

Loubeena came by last night. We told her we were swinging. Left it at that. Let that sit out there for a bit.

Loubeena swings on her own, in a way. Dates, tons, six minutes in, in false love. She has had - best guess - a hundred and fifty lovers. No biggie. Why not, she's young. Why not enjoy the full benefits of fucking. The full benefits.

I was beginning to wonder if Shawnelle just wasn't bullshitting me about Loubeena never having had an orgasm I mean, fuck me, that's impossible.

Former lovers, women, stay in touch. No male friend formers. There's next to no chance of sex with an ex-girliefriend, so why waste time.

She's 'seeing' a couple right now, she says, something new, doctors from the hospital. She dropped that volley out there. A trio. Met in the food court at the mall, recognized vaguely, them. Struck up a conversation which lit the entire atrium so much was the electricity of their meetup, she says, the three of us, each of us attracted equally to the others, a heightening of the aura around some postive energy blob of light. Or some such shit. I can't follow the way some people think.

Still, it's fucking hot to think about two chicks and a guy. In a relationship? Ongoing? Freaks.

We should all get together. I threw that out there.

I stared blatantly at Loubeena's tits. Still a full pair. Smaller for sure, but in spec.

Loubeena said she'd mention it to Doctors Eikner, Gaspardo and Jizette.

At the door she gave Shawnelle a long hard hug. And gave me a big hug and kiss and when we kissed I slipped a little tung into it and put my hand on her left breast ever so lightly not even enough pressure to get a true feel on the cup size. We were going slow here with Loubeena, but I just thought I'd throw it out there.

And did. In the form of a joke, maybe the three of us, just us, could get together. You two. That's fucking hot.

The two sisters laughed. Loubeena looked at the floor. And then came up and gave Shawnelle a really hot piece of tung. That would be fun.

Yeah, no kidding, Loubeena. Fucking offside.

If I was going to take it to the next level, as they taught us, there'd be a lot of bullshitting and lying ahead to get Loubeena in. I may be fried by the end of it. But as a man of erotic action, I have to. This may be the precipice I'm thinking. At the edge. Looking down and in. Love. Like an open pit wound. The big black paw lurking ready to grab you by the balls and haul you down in there.

I mean, fuck me. There's nothing really conceptually wrong with the idea of me being in love with two women at the same time, two sisters, each as gorgeous as the other.

Yeah I'm seeing Loubeena differently.

I lay on the couch exhausted after Loubeena left. Some people's prescence does that to you. Whacks you. Drains you. That's the sound of your soul. Shawnelle sees it and knows it and gave me a long slow loving fucking glorious fucking blowjob. We woke in each others arms, on the couch, in the early morning. And started again.

Shawnelle came channeling as I whispered 'I love you, Loubeena, I fucking love you' in her ear. I caught it on camera, too. Looks great on the fifty two inch plasma. Shawnelle's pussy's the size of a garage door. I'm going to try to post it somehow on the net, too.

Throw it out there. See if you like it.

Amd how are the kids? Glowenda and her purse dog are lving under a bridge with eight or nine other teen runaways and the boy is back in juvie, something to do with weapons and school property, some bullshit, the kid was only picking off squirrels with a .22 for fucksakes way down the bottom of the field out back. I'm not sayin he should have been doing it, but jail time?

Not that me and Shawnelle are complaining. Gotta say when you look back it's been a bit of a fuckfest around here. We're talking about having a party here at the house. A lot of local interest. Lot of people saying they never seen me or Shawnelle happier, together.

Fucking makes you think. Fucking makes you happy. Fucking makes you wonder why there just isn't overall more fucking, more often.