Tuesday, January 02, 2007

My mom just called

My mom just called. Holy fuck I'm thinking. But she is so far offline it's not funny. I mean she listens to the radio. Holy fuck, I mean, ya know?

She had news. They buried my dad Tuesday last week, never called to let me or her or any of us know, he'd been missing in the bush for two months, alive and healthy and all, until some greenie with a shotgun plugged dad thinking he was some buck, my old man a big man and under the right conditions fog and sleet and snow and shit you might think he's a sasquatch or something but it was a clear sunny day and this computer programmer from the city out for bear fires one off as my old man emerged from a stream having just washed himself down.

All hairy and wet and naked. That's how he went.

He was conscious through the whole ordeal - three weeks from stream bed to hospital bed to death bed. He comes from Hill People. Who knows what they did with his remains, who knows what they mean by bury. I try to ignore that side of the family. Smoke their dead, preserve them till spring, and the ground thaws. It's been a mild winter, maybe they did dig a hole and toss the fucker in. Where he belongs.