Thursday, January 04, 2007

One of the interuptions last night

'Bout nine there's a knock on the door. Al-Jean bursts in walks over to Shawnelle sitting in the breakfast nook unzips his pants whips out his dick and tells her to suck it.

Three things went through my mind.

Do I kill him or just hurt him? In my kitchen or do we lure him to the bathroom? With a frying pan or a meat cleaver?

Shawnelle just dissolved it in the way she does and Al-Jean stuck his dick back in his pants and laughed.

He came by with some information. On indentured slaves and popular revolt. Some analysis. Al-Jean was developing some options. Him leaning to an armed takeover of the plant. Which is fucking nuts. Which is one of the reasons as I say I avoid him. I mean we don't want remain there. We want to be home. Fucking.

Shawnelle asked him that.

I'd be home fucking if I was fucking you.

What about Stephora?


What if we could arrange a rendez-vous, on the spiritual plane?

Al-Jean was a little weirded out. And left.

I'm an entreprenuer. I thought about what you said, Wally. I can see my path. As a sexual healer. Bringing the living flesh into contact with the living spirits. I could do that. For a fee. And I could be happy.

I couldn't stand it anymore. She walked into the bedroom and was waiting legs spread by the time I brushed my teeth.

And , what, I'd rather be down at the plant?