Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Proper Authorities

Well, Proper Authorities fucked it up. There are three dead down at the plant. I just woke up to that news. I'd go down but I just don't want to see the place or any of the cocksuckers there. Though there are a couple...dead - I'd like to see the bodies bags being removed. God help the company if Proper Authorities shot one of the Indians. Oh fuck. I mean fuck me, that would be funny. Fucking sick.

I can't think of anybody that would have been working last night that I give two shits about.

Fuck 'em.

There'll be enough discussion tonight. Crime scene analysis.

Loubeena called last night wanted to set up a get-together with Shawnelle and me and her and the two doctors, in the food court at the mall. I told her to grow a fucking brains. She wouldn't give me the dudes number. They got a country place, tell them we'll drop by Saturday for a social. We know where they live. It's not like they can stop us from dropping by. We'll just show up anyway.

Shawnelle and me last night were feeling at bit distant. We downloaded some homegrown porn and watched it on the plasma.

I brought up the idea of our own domain and member's pay site again. She pointed out the fact we were watching homegrown porn for free. Why buy the cow.

I feel so humiliated when she's right. I hate it. We had a hate fuck. Where you're so mad at them you just have to fuck them. Shawnelle plays all submissive. Don't beat me Mister Washington. Throwing her ass up in the air, on her knews begging. Of course in the past it's been the hate fucks that have lead to some trouble with Proper Authorities. Me getting carried away. But like the agreement says, no bruising.