Monday, January 08, 2007

Taking it slow down at the plant

Things are slow down at the plant. So much so I got to sit outside for a bit. Take some time. I sat at the picnic table down by the pier where the tankers drop off the oil that we turn into powder.

There hasn't been a tanker drop in a while. Normal in winter when things freeze up. But not this winter. So the winter where it can get dropped it doesn't cause there's no need get the oil to make the powder cause the powder is just sitting there anyway.

Fucking typical. It amazes me how the place ever existed. It's just such a fuck up.

There's been an influx of students after Christmas, Quitting school and joining the workforce. It's a pattern that will never be broken. Either way you see it as a dead end. Work, school. It's the same thing. You are just some dumb monkey off the street into to suck on some big monkey tit. A piece of cheese being passed around at a party. A germ. A mushroom cultivated in the dark. A zit.

One of the young girls is back. Big girl. Tall. Huge rack. She came and sat on the picnic bench beside me. Tells me she saw the video, on the net, that me and Shawnelle are her heroes, and she really admires what we're doing, at our age! ya know, expressing love and capturing it visually.

We're artists apparently, of the performance sort, and huge in college dorms.

I'll take what I can get, Chrysalis tell me. The money now. My boyfriend is gone. I introduced him to your ideas. Asked him if we might not open things up a bit. He thought that was okay if it was a girl but a guy freaked him and he fucked off. So I'm going to take the money and the time and the body that I have and I'm going to explore.

I was kinda curious to know how she picked up all this from a fifty second clip on the net.

Apparently she has been reading this blog.

Hi Chrys, you won't mind me saying you have a nice rack. Because you do.