Monday, January 01, 2007

Three Scenarios

We whipped through three scenarios in an hour and a half. Bella Concord's house down the road. Nice place. Walk in and you are in another world, perfect for waving dark shit.

The first she lead us on was a real estate agent scenario. After a quick and somewhat potent cocktail Shawnellle and me were perspective clients looking to buy this condo, Bella sporting the full real estate whore outfit, a trad business suit, no sign of those big balloons and just the tiniest bit of ankle, still, in black silk hose, enough to get you started.

In the bedroom Bella unzips my pants - this is where the condo gets really interesting - and goes full mouth hard just to get things started which is pretty much instantaneous then Shawnelle takes over while Bella strips naked on the bed except for a tie which she is choking herself with the other hand fingerfucking her trim underpate, gets me to go down on her and then hands Shawnelle her vibrating Treo to stick up my ass, then Shawnelle goes down on Bella while I'm backdoor in Shawnelle's ass and playchoking Bella as she ties the tieround my neck pulling me off Shawnelle landing agob the oversized nip on her left balloon sucking and committing to the deal based on Bella's promise that she'd come visit all the time and not choke me to death now.

There were a couple more. During one some guy that was operating the camera - introduced on entry but barely registered - was involved, his dick on entry, in Shawnelle's pussy at one point. It was a bizarre one. Bella was an uptight middle-aged virgin school teacher. And me and Shawnelle have chosen to be the aggressors - we're going into the scenario as repurposed school board sensitivity trainers who now administer registered in class clit massage for teachers on lunch and I invited 'the lay high priest' in to administer the High Anglican Colonic - this twenty two year old freelance camera geek - into the scenario and I guess he just went with his dick, the kid.

The stuff he shot looks real good, too - all chaotic movement - burned a CD. Watched it when we got home. The Motorhead we chose went good with the shots. Real good. Went to bed just after midnight. I haven't been to sleep yet. Been up all night. With Shawnelle. Trying to conceive a miracle baby she said at one point.

She's changing, Shawnelle. Talking more in bed now. I'm getting deeper inside her kissing a brand new face.

Fucking Jesus Fucking God Fucking Christ I fucking love her.